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Our Story

Fickle draws from the terms "changing frequently" referencing the volatile state of data. Fickle exists to monitor and show transparency to the customer by turning data into information. Our technology allows our clients to clearly monitor actions so that they can make more informed and accurate real-time decisions on our industry specific platforms.

Our Vision

The problem as a business has never been in attaining the right data, but figuring out how to best utilise it. We are tired of dated finished software, spreadsheets and .CSV uploads requiring human action. Fickle aspires to provide our clients powerful live insights and customised integration portals leading to strategic decision making.


Fickle is not a traditional product company, providing an over-the-counter finished product. Our developers have designed, built and integrated the most advance and secure interface. Customisable industry specific modules and widgets with full automation allows questions to be answered, exported and shared. Power at the instant tip of your hand.


Bespoke Industry Solutions

Freight Forwarding

Data Visualisation

Don't waste your time highlighting spreadsheet reports or uploading your exported data into a dated software. Fickle technology seamlessly integrates into your business operations with stress free onboarding provided by our specialised developers. A custom made solution optimized for your specific requirements.

Track & Trace

Powerfully simple logistics management with on-demand tracking, live updates and coordinates for complete transparency and on-the-go information. All consignments are stored in our history and easily located with our customisable filters.

Integrated Finances

Integrated data means  finances at the click of a button. Save time in calculating and monitoring costs when you can evaluate decisions by letting self-populated data make informative pathways for your operations 

News & Tools

Our live portal has all the tools you require from industry news, live currency markets to CBM calculators. Allowing you a centralised dashboard to calculate exactly how much fits in a container and total chargeable weights. 

Cargo Ship at Sea

Fickle continues to roll out custom tailored solutions as one of  the innovative providers of data technology in the Freight Forwarding industry; notable partnerships with industry leaders Verus Global. Fickle has featured in Forbes, Sky News for their contribution to the development of this Freight Forwarding company. Being tasked with developing an initial dashboard solution has resulted in the partnership going strength to strength.

Untitled design-9.png
Untitled design-9.png
Shapes for Cam (1).png

How it works

"Fickle exists to monitor and show transparency to the

customer by turning data into information."

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Fickle is an online fully responsive portal which can be accessed from any device without the need to install dated software with constant updates. It is fully customised based on your industry demands allowing you flexibility to monitor and gain transparency on your operations.  


Don't get lost. Our advanced technology allows you to track, monitor and evaluate in real time. From precise coordinate locations of a shipment to spend per supplier. 



Hover and click to highlight the exact data you need from locations, volume to spend. Our fully interactive charting system is purpose built for simplifying populated data to real-time answers and trends over time.

How it works

"I like to think of Fickle as the Uber of data management."

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